“Dispute fuels contention and engulfs those who immerse themselves in it.”


Mediation is not a negotiation. It is infinitely more than that, the mediator offering the people concerned a place of exchange which, thanks to a specific methodology, allows them to express themselves in a confidential framework in order to try to find a solution to the dispute between them.

To act as a mediator, the professional must therefore have undergone in-depth training in negotiation techniques and non-violent conflict management. It is only through such training that he will be able to facilitate discussion, put difficulties into words and guide reflection towards the search for solutions without judgment or advice.

offer an option to
the legal way

Certified by the CNAM, Karen Durand-Hakim practices mediation, an alternative method of conflict resolution, in addition to her profession as a lawyer.

Indeed, noting the overload of the courts, with waiting times that can reach several years, Karen Durand-Hakim decided to train in mediation in order to help the parties to reconnect, exchange, listen to each other and try to resolve their disputes other than through the courts. She also noted that many cases went before the judge for lack of mutual understanding and exchanges and that these cases could have been resolved calmly through mediation.

As a mediator, Karen Durand-Hakim intervenes with independence, neutrality and impartiality in the cases she handles.

Given her experience in conflict management, Karen Durand-Hakim can assist you in any mediation, whether it is pronounced judicially or implemented on a contractual basis.

Karen Durand-Hakim is on the list of mediators approved by the Paris Court of Appeal. She is also part of the collective of mediators of NotreAccord