We practice in the fields of management of individual employement relations

and management of collective employement relations.



We intervene in particular in the negotiation, the drafting, the modification of employment contracts (and more particularly non-competition clauses, working hours, golden parachute, benefits in kind, supplementary pension, etc.)

The firm advises also its clients during the execution of employment contracts (paid leave, disciplinary sanctions, suspension of employment agreements, amendment of employment contracts, training, transfer, status and remuneration of managers, international mobility, industrial accidents, moral harassment, etc.).

Finally, the firm's lawyers assist their clients in the implementation of dismissal procedures for personal or economic grounds, disciplinary sanctions, the negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements and contractual termination agreements.


Our activity is also exercised in the field of management of collective employment relations.

Thus, we work with our clients in the context of the establishment, management and operation of employee representative institutions (organization of elections, establishment of an economic and social committee (CSE), electoral disputes, information and consultation of employee representatives, etc.)

We also assist our clients in the negotiation, conclusion and denunciation of collective company or group agreements.

We advise our clients in the context of their relations with the labor inspection and social security bodies.

We also assist our clients in the context of the implementation of restructuring and collective dismissal procedures for economic grounds (information and consultation of staff representatives, job-savings plans, labor audit, relations with labor authorities, preparing draft letters, transfer of employees, company transfers, outsourcing, employment policy and anticipated employment management – ​​GPEC - ) both in an advisory capacity and in litigation.

Within this framework, we assist our clients for their issues related to working time.

In addition, we assist our clients in their issues linked to strike and in the issues of criminal labor law (concealed work, offense of obstruction, offenses relating to the regulations on working hours, health and safety , industrial accidents and more generally any involvement of the criminal liability of the company and the head of the company as a result of any breach of labor legislation).

Particularity in negociation and conflict management

The DDLC firm is able to offer you an alternative method of conflict resolution through the collaborative process and mutual gains negotiations.

Karen Durand-Hakim is indeed trained in the collaborative process and mutual gains negotiations.

Maître Karen Durand-Hakim can thus assist you in all your negotiations to try to find an amicable solution to your disputes and obtain a lasting agreement in such a context. It is a question of finding a wise agreement, which integrates the interests of the parties, which is durable and which improves or, at the very least, does not deteriorate the existing relationship.

Of course, DDLC also advises and assists its clients in the context of litigation related to the employment contract, in particular before the labor courts.