Legal rigor & Responsiveness

DDLC assists and advises its clients in the areas of individual and collective labor law, employee savings and social protection.


DDLC’s lawyers  aim to provide their clients with  global and pragmatic legal assistance in the  areas  of individual and  collective labor relations law  and  social security law ,  both in  advice  and  litigation.

Thanks to a human-sized structure,  the lawyers of DDLC  ensure a personal follow-up of each file, by developing with the client a permanent privileged link based on  availability, responsiveness and transparency. DDLC  is organized to respect a very high speed of intervention, processing of files and information of clients.

The solutions provided by  the law firm DDLC  are intended above all to be concrete and effective while being based on a rigorous legal analysis.

DDLC  lawyers  have a  network of correspondents in France and abroad,  which is called upon if necessary, whether in  employment law  or in other legal fields.

DDLC is a part of the Lineenetwork network of lawyers, an International network that advises employees in situations of secondment and expatriation.